Who are we?

We are Chelona trading under the name Chelona Ticketsservice.

Prinsbisdomstraat 8a, 6121 JG Born (NL)
| www.chelona.nl
Chamber of Commerce 54221048

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What personal data do we collect and why?

Contact Form

We only use data from a contact form to answer any comments, questions or complaints that have been created in the contact form. Other than the sender’s name, no personal data is stored. Only email address, content of the message and possibly a telephone number if the sender has specified this.


Of course we use the data from your order to be able to execute the order correctly. Furthermore, we do not use this data for other purposes.


No so-called cookies are stored.

Who do we share our data with?

Dates regarding tickets that have been sold may be shared with the event organizer. Among other things, this person receives a list of tickets sold in order to be able to carry out a check if scanners or the internet do not function properly. There is no personal data on this list other than the name of the ticket holder.

We are also obliged to comply with legal regulations, including tax legislation. This prescribes that the tax authorities must be able to view our sales records.

How long do we keep the data?

In principle, the data will no longer be used after the event. However, tax legislation prescribes a legal retention period of 7 years.

The same term applies to e-mail traffic and contact forms. After this period, all older data will be deleted.

What rights do you have as a user?

You can make a request to get an overview of the data that is stored about you. Please send this request to us by email. We aim to provide you with statements within 14 days.

You have the right to have stored data deleted. However, this can only be data that we are not legally obliged to keep. Please send a request to Chelona by e-mail. We aim to implement removals within 14 days.

How do we protect your data?

Our website has an SSL certificate. This means that all data you provide via the website is encrypted during traffic between your computer and our web server. This means that third parties cannot gain insight into the data sent.

No data is stored at Chelona. All data is stored on the web server where the website runs. This data can only be accessed by the Chelona webmaster. No one else has access to and rights to view this data.

What if data is stolen?

No confidential data is stored. Only name and email address. No passwords, bank numbers or personal data are stored. However, if we suspect a burglary, we will approach all e-mail addresses about this fact.

Which automatic decision analysis is used?

There is no data automatic or otherwise analysed.


Your privacy is extremely important to us. We do everything we can to guarantee this. If you nevertheless have complaints about the protection of your privacy by Chelona, ​​please contact us.

Of course you can always contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority, but we would appreciate it first to come to a solution together with you.